Why Choose Florida Beach Vacation Rentals Over Hotels

One of the joys of booking Florida beach vacation rentals is exploring all the possible accommodation options that will make your vacation memorable. Hotels are a popular choice among vacationers. However, hotels are not the only type of accommodation that can make your stay comfortable. Booking a vacation rental will also give you great value for money.

Unlimited choices

When you book a hotel, there is a finite choice of property and if you opt for last-minute booking, the choices are going to be limited. For family vacations, you have to make sure that the type of accommodation you choose will provide you with a home away from home. Although there are five-star hotels that can offer you comfortable accommodation, one room cannot accommodate a family with 4 to 5 members. Booking a separate room will mean that you have to spend more for the hotel to accommodate all family members. If you choose a one-star hotel, you will be compromising quality to accommodate your budget. The best thing about vacation rentals is that you get to book an accommodation option that offers the same amenities as a home does without breaking your budget.


Unlike staying in a hotel where you need more than two rooms to provide a place for all family members to stay in, vacation rentals are budget-friendly. There is no need to purchase separate rooms for all guests. One vacation rental property equipped with a bathroom, kitchen, and bedroom is enough. This means that when you have time to cook your food, you do not have to spend your money dining out. As the rental property has enough rooms for everyone, you are not required to share your bedroom.


Unless you book a hotel suite, your room can get tight, especially if the room you booked can only accommodate up to four guests. If you have a small space, there will no longer be enough room for your luggage. A log cabin, apartment or condominium is bigger. It has a lot of space for everyone. The storage will not be an issue as rooms have enough cabinets. You can be sure that you will have a wonderful vacation with your family or friends as there is plenty of space for everyone.


The idea of taking a vacation is to rest and relax. This will not be possible if you have noisy neighbors or prying eyes. A vacation rental gives you more privacy as you do not have to deal with room service and maids. If you want to be completely alone, a vacation rental can give you higher levels of privacy.

More interesting

While some hotels are situated near the beach, most of them may not suit your budget range especially if you choose rooms with ocean views. With vacation rentals, there are many attractions you can explore without spending more to get quick access to these places. Most vacation rental properties are located in attractive places that await exploration.


Hotels do not allow pets and you have to make a heartbreaking decision of leaving your furry friends at home if you plan to stay in a hotel. In a vacation rental property, you can bring your pets with you without worrying about other guests. These vacation rentals can also accommodate long-term stays.